Artist Statement Contact
  My name is Eri Imamura. I am a fiber artist combining my cultural concepts with Native American beading technique. I am from Japan. I grew up in a big city, Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is well westernized and full of western technologies. When I was studying at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, I found that we are forgetting our cultural identities, surrounded by westernized society, and questioning the westernized, materialistic society. Since then I have been seeking the way to get back our own cultural values in the society. To do so, I decided to come to New Mexico, to learn from Native American culture and art. This experience teaches me how strongly I connect to my background culture. The Japanese culture is my identity and who I am. The more I study Native American culture and art, the more I realize that I am Japanese. At the same time, I discover commonalities of essential cultural beliefs between Native Americans and Japanese such as worship for nature and animism.

I am very interested in the combination of my cultural concept and Native American cultural technique. This combination represents my current presence and how I am identifying with my own culture with a perspective of the Native American culture. After studies and experiences of Native American culture, I rediscover the importance and the beauty of my own culture in Japan. By reconstructing my cultural concepts through Native beadwork, I try to bring out a new aspect of the Japanese beauty.

By combining both Japanese and Native American culture, I would like to offer opportunities of cross-cultural conversations to the public. There are numberless cultural peoples who share some communality of spirituality and humanity. I am hoping that by discovering the communal spirituality in multiple cultures we could celebrate our similarities as well as differences cross-culturally. Also, I hope that the cross-cultural conversations lead to deeper understanding and peace between different cultures around the world.

Eri Imamura