human evolution

story of "Evolusion in Reverse"

In this piece, I thought of the theory of evolution. The question is that if we are going forward or back ward? Experiencing the Nuclear disasters in Japan, I cannot stop thinking and doubting about human civilization, the “Evolution” we have come. Are we really developed, any better than any other species? As a result, our greatest human invention is killing ourselves and the entire planet right now. Ironically human beings who came from the Ocean, developed from marine pieces, have punished by the Ocean this time. This piece is also inspired from a myth of mermaids in Japan; Once upon the time, a fisherman caught a big fish as big as a human. He came back to his house near by the Ocean and cutting off the fish like human (a mermaid), thinking it is too big to eat by himself. So he stopped cutting the meat of the mermaid and kept it to share it with his friends tomorrow. During that night there were noises like somebody crying and screaming. The mermaid was calling her father, the god of the Ocean, the Dragon who lives in the bottom of the Ocean. She said she were caught and cut off in great pain, and humans were going to eat her up the next morning. The Dragon was terribly upset about humans and told her that he would make a great Tsunami the early morning and swim back during the Tsunami. And the next morning, a huge Tsunami happened and swallowed not only the fisherman’s house but also entire town. And she is saved. It is said a real story, in fact there is a spot in Japan, people said which used to be the fisherman’s house. It is now a deep dark hole near by the Ocean. On the back part of this piece there is a beautiful mermaid screaming, warning about Nuclear, calling for help. Then the Dragon came from the bottom of the Ocean with Tsunami. She is carrying a human baby, which represent passing through generations as the evolution. She as a mother is so sad about our situation; Nuclear disasters which expressed on the hip of the torso, and so worried about her next generations, human beings. I wonder what she is screaming??