Nuclear Fate

story of "Fate"

After the 3.11. Tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, I wonder if it is our FATE. The FATE or curse on the Japanese. Japan is only country which has experienced nuclear bombs, even 2 bombs, in the world, and this is the third time we have to suffer for Nuclear tragedy. I made this piece, a torso of a man and woman holding each other supporting each other as my wish for the peace. There are a woman’s back and a man’s right arm holding a women’s neck and his left arm holding her waist. On the bottom, I depict scenery of 3.11 in Japan with huge Tsunami hitting the nuclear power station for big cities. The turtle represents the foundation of the world floating on the ocean in Japanese traditional world view. The red dragon is said to cause Tsunami when he is angry as a punishment on human. And there are many offering of flowers, Japanese chrysanthemums for the dead on the ocean. Above the scene of the tragedy, there are 2 nuclear bombs Japan has experienced on both shoulders of the woman with the sun and moon symbols. On the top there is a mushroom representing atomic bombs. The blue rose on man’s right arm represents fate.On the center of her back, there is a fairy, also a symbol of fate, with a beautiful wings sitting on the third nuclear bomb and counting lotus petals as if reading fortune of our future in Japan. Is the turtle going to keep floating or sank? That is up to us now.