Free ourselves

story of "Freedom"

“FREEDOM: Male Torso – with Prayer for Japan” turned out to be my milestone piece. In this piece, I meant to set us free from this selfish and off-balanced human society. The 3.11 disaster in Japan happened when I was out of my country, Japan, beading this piece. I was stunned because what I was beading on this piece became tragically a reality. Somehow I predicted the disaster; it is a torso of a man pressing his hands for prayer with Tattoo of Japanese scenery; a big wave hitting Tokyo neon lights. The beautiful angel on his shoulder tattoo represents Freedom from selfish human desire. In Japanese myth, a man who felt in love with a beautiful angel hid her magical flying textile from her to keep her with him and marry her. They got married and had children together. Then one day she found the textile, which set her free to fly back to the heaven. And she became a bright star so that her family, humans, can see her when they miss her. The beautiful angel with the magical textile has a power to set everything free to how it is supposed to be, where it belongs. As her textile she has a wonderful flexible power to calm down Dragon, a god of water, who is angry about human selfishness, and even breaks a strong negative chain of human desires. It is my wish, prayer and will for our future.