Heal the world

story of "Heal"

After over a year since the3.11, I have been thinking about future, a better future for our children not only for Japanese but also for next generations of the world. Especially since I gave a birth for my first child this year, I even more strongly raise my voice as a mother to heal our environment, our plane, and ourselves. This piece “HEAL” is a torso of a mother and a baby. The different skin colors between the mother and baby represents that this nuclear issue is a global issue, not only issue in Japan. On the mother arm there is the Virgin Mary pregnant with the Savior. Suffering from the nuclear radiation she became a skeleton protecting the baby, protecting the future. And the red rose on the mother’s breast represents the love of the Virgin Mary. On the baby’s left arm, there is a chrysanthemum with blood and Japanese Yen icon. It represents a political issue of nuclear plants that Japanese government supports a tremendous amount of money, “bloody money”, to nuclear power plants. That is why the nuclear have been untouchable even now when people want to stop using such a dangerous power. As a result, still today, people are suffering from this dark political sin. The medicine Buddha on the baby back is healing our sin that we created such a dangerous nuclear power and still keep using the power even after realized the danger. This piece is my wish for future that the suffering will end soon and people will be healed.