Is it real at all?

story of "JP Girl A"

It has been 6 years since the nuclear disaster in Japan 3.11. 2011. Everything seems normal today in Japan. People now act normally and repeat their everyday life, being comfortably numb. I cannot tell if they can still feel something is still wrong though pretended to be fine, or they have become completely numb. A girl in Tokyo enjoys hip fashion clothes and carries a high-fashion brand purse and a smart phone. She seems pretending like she herself becomes the image of a fabulous fashionable icon. She is telling herself that the life is nothing about the heavily polluted planet and she can still have a fabulous life ahead. Though still deep in her soul, she is deeply wounded, anxious and despaired. This is a life-size young girl Tattoo-torso with a hanger. She is hanged like fashion clothes becoming one. A girl changing her fashion everyday and pretending to be something else, she has become to be the superficial fashion image itself. In this piece, there is a balloon cartoon saying, “It’s not Real Me!” in the front of chest with a red pill and a blue pill on the both shoulders. The red pill is to awake you to the truth and blue pill is to keep you stay believing in whatever you want to believe. (Inspired and reference from a movie “Matrix”) And on her left arm, there is a traditional Japanese woman taking a blue pill with Onomatopoeia (written sound), sounding "hara hara" like heart going pit-a-pat. On the right arm, there are blue and red pills and a wounded heart with Japanese traditional flowers; chrysanthemum, peony. On her waist, there is a cute cartoon-looking warm gun shooting radiation toward her heart and the cartoon balloon next to it says “Zuki”, sounding aching throbbing. Then on her skirt the big cartoon girl image with big eyes showing nuclear explosions looks sad and anxious with Onomatopoeia (written sound), “Dokun” sounding a heartbeat with a big shock.​