a girl's happiness

story of "JP Girl B"

When I was a little girl, in an elementary school art class a teacher asked class to draw a picture of what we want to be when we grow up. I remember most of my girlfriends draw a picture of a beautiful bride with a beautiful white wedding dress. I was puzzled and I did not understand how it could possible to be so common dream of girls that age. I asked my friend “why is your dream just to be a bride? Don’t you want to be something more than just to get married and be a mom?” and she said, “ I don’t know. My mom said it is a perfect happy dream for a girl like me.” So they dream what they supposed to dream to be safe. That is a woman role in this society. And good mothers teach their good daughters to become good mother nothing more. Today people as general public behave what they supposed to just like the little girls believing in what they are told. They fulfill their rolls to be happy protected citizens because that makes today’s Japanese society seems safe and happy. That’s how we keep our country safe and happy. A Japanese girl want to wear a beautiful dress dreaming of her perfect dream to become a good happy bride,​