nessesary evil

story of "Justice"

It is been over a year after 3.11.disaster. For a year we have been trying very hard to rebuild our country and make it right. Then now, the question is that what is right? Especially, nuclear power plants are the biggest issue. Even after terrible nuclear bomb experiences in the World War 2, Japan still has been justifying using the nuclear, saying “necessary evil”. Is it right to have nuclear power plants? Is it right to use so much electricity using nuclear, risking our lives? What is Justice now? In this piece, I express this ironic situation happening in Japan. This is a torso of a couple holding each other tight ; there are a man’s back with woman’s both arms holding his neck, and his both arms holding her body. On his back there is a brave and tough looking man with city lights neon kimono. He is burdened with Japanese economic, the reality in Japanese society today. And there is a beautiful white serpent, which we also believe could be an incarnation of the deity. He is pointing a Japanese sword to either the white huge serpent or to the nuclear symbol. Around the man body, there are woman’s arms and body with full of Japanese beautiful flowers; cherry, plum, and chrysanthemum flowers. But on the center there is a symbol of the danger and death, a human skull. Is the man killing an evil monster or a sacred deity? Is he a brave hero or a selfish monster? Which one is the JUSTICE?? The human or the while snake??