Japan madness

Story of "Looking into the eye A"

These last past months almost everyday I see the news reporting that North Korea fired yet another missile into the Japan. Someday in random time in the early morning, every single cellphone in Japan made the craziest alert sound with texts saying that right now a North Korean missile is passing through the land of north Japan, Hokkaido and landed Pacific Ocean. This is called "J alert". This J alert has happened several times last year. People even have got used to this crazy status quo and they don't pay much attention anymore. After living outside of my country for more than 10 years, I am experiencing Nippon madness everyday now. This piece is one of my series fashion clothing tattoo body with a hook. This series are my expression of odd and mad human behaviors how contemporary people take everything superficially even something very heavy and serious. On the micro mini skirt, there is a big eye look like girl-cartoon, reflecting missiles flying through the dark sky with Mt.Fuji and the sun symbols of Japanese imperialism. In the front there are many nuclear plants' shadows and mushroom cloud shaped like a skull. In the center of the sky there is the Sanskrit of Medicine Buddha and the moon on the left side and the sun on the right. Below the moon and sun there are faces of the deities of the moon and the sun. The three Buddha are supposed to keep the balance and heal the world. Under the skirt there is a see through chiffon textile skirt with beaded nuclear symbols. And under textile on the left thigh, there is a motorcycle referenced from a scene of the SF movie Matrix, destroying the power system of the world to save people, and on the right thigh there is a Phoenix which bring the peace to the world. Below them, there are body of the moon and sun deities. On the each body there are the moon and sun with cartoon emoji face expressions on clouds. On the bag there is a smart phone sounding J alert "ppppp" , also a key holder, the earth looking like unknown planet, which represents that my feeling like this planet I am living one is becoming an unfamiliar place because of all those madness I am experiencing. And it is wearing edgy hill-less shoes inspired Japanese clogs. On the right ankle there is a rabbit emblem representing the moon and three- legs crow emblem representing the sun on the left ankle. On foots there are a locked heart with chains and yin-yen emblem with heart, which represent my hope that someday we would find a key of the lock and free ourselves to the balanced world.