My existence

Story of "Looking into the eyes B"

In this piece I think about my existence in this world now. I come from my parents and my parents come from my grandparents and so on, in other words I come from the entire ancestors therefor I exist today. As Japanese we agree that we come from the same ancestors. Over infinite generations, we are given births and loved by parents and eat sushi, rice, miso soup and some junk foods now a days. It is how we are made of. But today people feels that everything in their life, such as food, weather, economics, politics, works, human relationships and so on, is at risks in every perspectives. And what do they do? They take selfies and try to prove that they exist and everything is fine. This is a girl's upper body torso taking selfies with her phone. It is a set up dress with the other piece of mine "Looking into the eye A". On the bra top, there are big cartoon girl's eyes looking at missiles flying over the sky with background of lotus flowers in the proses of blossoming which represent my wish of purifying and awaken for peaceful future. In between of the eyes, there are cartoon sound expression "pppp" of "J alert" come from her smart phone. On her both arms there are foods she would had taken and that's her body is made of. On her right arm there are some commercial foods like Hamburger, fries, pizza, pink donuts and candy. And on her left arm there are some common Japanese homemade warm food like rice with raw egg and miso soup with warm steams. On the both arm there are see through ribbons with beaded radiation symbols. Above her chest there are parents' sculls representing the sacred link to parents and the blood over generations. And a pair of sparrows, which are the symbol of loyalty to a family or love, hold the red thread of love fate tide between Mom and Dad. It links to the existence of self. Around the waist, there is a dragon goddess from Japanese mythology, who is a daughter of Dragon, the God of Sea, and married with human and gave birth to our ancestors. She is holding the light sphere which represents the sacred balanced power of the ocean. And she is crying over the lost lives of her descendants and for the terrible nuclear disaster that still harming the whole world. The flowers flowing on the Ocean are offering to the death.