unlock and move forward

story of "Relief"

I made this piece “RELIEF” as a wish to move forward to bright future in order to unlock the vicious cycle. On the mother’s right arm, there is a nuclear bomb which represents the nuclear accident on 3.11. On the mother’s left arm, I depict a man with a radiation protective mask in the Fukushima nuclear-plant relief, risking his own life. And below the man there are praying hands and a big offering chrysanthemum flower on her breast, which represent my prayer for the brave men who work for the dangerous relief effort. In this piece, the baby represents the future hope that we are leading to. The wings of baby’s scapula represent the angel heart of a baby, which will lead us a bright future and hope. There is a white dove, a symbol of peace, on the baby’s back, released by opening a lock of the nuclear issue with a key of the angel heart. The dove brings an offering flower, healing the death, and a message for future. I wonder what it says. I guess it would say not to forget about the mistakes and not to repeat the disaster.