reverse it

story of "Reverse the Evolution"

This is a companion piece to EVOLUTION in Reverse. The shape of torso is a mirror image of EVOLUTION as well as a spiral back ground tattoo and the spiral symbol of the top of the female back. The female back torso is black shadow as if a photographic negative of EVOLUTION piece .the male arms are skin colored in comparison to black shadow arms of the other. The pair talks about the punishment and judgment of the nuclear disasters in Japan. This piece travels back time to Japanese original traditional society before the western contact and corrects our mistakes to reforms our society. In this piece there is a shadow (black) body of female back held by skin colored male arms. On the shadow body’s back there is a scene that a samurai punishing a corrupted member of the National Diet. The samurai with a uniform of Shinnsenngumi who have fought against the Westernization in our history is punishing our corrupted mind of contemporary society. In this scene I express that he turns the sword to a politician today with slow-motion effect arms as a manga's fighting scene. Sword and chrysanthemum represent morality, virtues and authenticity of our traditional value. A contemporary Japanese politician with a the national diet batch is escaping from the punishment, still trying to hold on his own benefit; he is trying to grab things dropped from his bag such as a smart phone showing ¥( he seems thinking about mostly money), a gun with $ and bullets (implying issue of a security treaty between theUS and Japan), and a pile of a dollar bills ( representing the US supports on nuclear plants). On the bottom of the shadow body I depict how our ancestor would feel about this situation by traveling back time to the Edo era. A traditional Japanese woman with traditional kimono wears gas mask feels so sad and worried, looking at a crying baby. And the male arms holing her body represent the traditional virtue ,wisdom and the right direction for our future. I depict beautiful plum blossoms, which traditionally symbolize the luck and fortune, and a traditional spiral emblem of the balanced world. On the left arm I express a chrysanthemum as a offering to the death and three lotus flowers, which represents three level of human wisdom in Buddhism value and the beautiful planet earth with the first light of the sun on the top of them. I still have a hope that we can find the virtue in ourselves and set our society to rights.